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Figuring out this steel stuff

E Roberts

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Hey All: Brand new to this sight, glad to see this forum. Last fall, I purchased a new SBEII with a 26" barrel.

I decided prior to our Goose opener (last week) up here in Ontario that I best pattern it.

I tested Kent Faststeel 3 1/2" 1 3/8oz #1 and BB. It threw hi and to the left almost a foot. Two test loads averaged 67% of the pellets were in the 30" circle at 32yrds.

I also tested Challengers Super Magnum 3" 1 3/8oz BB. and it hit dead on.

All testing was done with mod choke (crio choke)

I'd like to stay with the hard thumping 3 1/2" for the honkers, but I'm not impressed with the way they spit from the eagle II. Maybe I need to hang a heavy weight off the muzzle end to help hold thumper down?


Tonight, I changed the shims from the "B" to a "C", to bring that muzzle down.

Can anyone shed some light on this subject for me please. Different choke? Different loads? Pro-porting.


Thanks in advance


Ernie :D

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I did a shot test myself a few weeks ago with the new SBE II. Our Duck opener and goose is here and I needed to be prepared. After I properly fit the gun using the shims and practiced the mount. I have my beads lined up and hit exactly where I line the beads to. I used federal and winchester steel. 23/4 to 3 1/2 shells. #BB to #4 Mod crio choke and patternmaster choke. Also a different brand of extended full choke tube ported. What I found in general was the stock benelli crio chokes did as well or better than any of the other ones I tried. At 40 yrds and 3 1/2,winchester Hi-vel xpert#2's with mod criochoke I had a consistent 84-87% in a 30" circle. More importantly was the fact I could not fit a golf ball in any hole in the pattern in the 20" circle of the same shot. in the 30" it would take a baseball maybe to fill an untouched area. The hardest thing is just shooting where you point it, It took time to get used to the gun and not anticipating the 3 1/2 recoil. So far I have hunted with the crio chokes and have not seen the need for the others i tested. I have also found #2's to be the smallest I will use. The 3's and 4's do have a great pattern but NO killing power. 3" shells were very good and 2 3/4 will do but the pattern quality shows at 30 yrds. for the 2 3/4. The pattern is set so you can put the bead on the dux feet and be perfect pattern coverage. post-2206-1129044866_thumb.jpg


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I have the same shotgun's, with the same barrel length as you. I used my SBE II's all last season on hunts here, to Alberta and two OOS hunts. This year to Alberta, and early goose season. I have tested"several chokes and loads at the pattern board. Heres what I have found.

1. The factory chokes are not worth a crap. If it wasnt for resale value, I would throw them in the garbage.

2 Kent shotshells are cheap junk. I have not seen them pattern anything worthwhile. That is from from a SBE II, a M1, and BGH.

3. With steel. The Best patterns have came from Federal Ulta Shok in 3.5 and 3" loads.

4.WW SWAT did great with slow steel. Crappy with fast(1550 to 1700) steel.

5.The WW Supreme pretty did poorly with everything.

6. The Patternmaster was pathetic with any load I tried.

7. Briley X2 LM gives excellent results with both the slow and fast steel/small and large shot size.

8. Best results have been obtained with the Terror .675 with 1550 3.5 BB's and #1's, and 3" #3 reloads at 1700.

Your shotgun may/will be different.



Briley X2 LM also gives excellent patterns with with Hevi-Shot 3" #2 and #4's.


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If you are going to shoot BB you don't need the really fast stuff go for payload. If shooting 1 shot or smaller faster helps. I would try different load of 1 shot other than kent. I shoot federal 1 shot steel at 1450 through mod for geese 3 inch 1.25.


If I had 3.5 I would try the 1 3/8 load at 1550 over 1450 many guns do not like to pattern well.


good luck

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Thanks everyone for the input: I'm certainly not sold at all on the 3.5 kent faststeel thru my SBEII. My brother is shooting an rem870 shooting 3" winchester expert in BB, and stoneing em' out to 40yrds..Yea yea, he's the better shooter, I think not, but I'll experiment some more with different loads in steel. ****, I can't afford to throw anything but steel at honkers. Anyone looking for a case of 3.5 Kents in 1's and BB..



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If you are going to shoot steel on geese, and they're out at those ranges, try stepping up to T's or F's.


Try tungsten, hevi, or bismuth for two hunts.

Keep track of the shots/kills ratio.

It's not that expensive when compared to shredding the air with a buch of steel and coming up empty.


If you do try faux lead, drop back to BB's.

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