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Goose Decoys


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I don't think that is a good method putting them on ebay that is..... people who shop on ebay are for the most part shopping there because they are looking for a deal. I think they should take their cost of materials and the man hours that it takes to make something of such simplicity and then take a price into consideration. They look like a great product but i think even 40$ a decoy would work better but even that is still high.


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Of course I can say whatever I want.

You posted here in an effort to promote your product, and that's fine.

But don't expect us to act like mindless cattle and throw our hard-earned cash at you.


I can take a video camera on my next goose outing and show you how they suck right into our water spread, but that doesn't make the decoys worth more than what the market will bear.


Sure, there are some dimwits who believe that the more you pay, the better the product, but that's not what Benelli is about and it's certainly not my way of doing things.


Good luck with your product.

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True, you can say whatever you want, but, the fact of the matter is that I'm trying to promote a product that works unbeleivably well, and it works without little effort from the people that use Control Tower Decoys. Also, the people that have bought these aren't mindless nor are they geniuses. They are regular people that like to go out and have fun hunting, just like you and anyone else that hunts. But the people that have bought these decoys have found that you enjoy hunting more when you are constantly shooting at geese or just watching geese come at you at five feet off the ground. Thank you for your comments and have an excellent goose season next year.

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