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Waterfowl mounts


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Any of you guys have any waterfowl mounts done?


I've been looking at a few mounts here and there and man, I'd really like to get a pintail and a canvasback mounted.


Totally putting the cart before the horse here, as I haven't even ever been duck hunting, but I did "see" a canvasback (or maybe it was a redhead, not sure as they were tree-top high and flying fast) last fall.


Man I'm excited to go and give it a whirl! Need to go buy a call to practice.


I like this guy as a taxidermist: http://www.birdmanstudios.com/ He does some pretty nice looking stuff. Not sure how good his pricing is as I've never mounted anything, but they sure look nice.

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I shot a "Shootibus Alluim Useezes" (hooded merganser) a couple of seasons ago. Great looking mount.


First and last one I'll ever shoot.


We shoot several Pintails a year so I'm waiting for that perfect bird. But I agree they are a beautiful bird. As for Canvasbacks, I'll probably never see one unless I do a little traveling. Another fine bird for the wall.


I'm a little jealous of mudhen. The variety of birds he sees and hunts is amazing. A cinnamon Teal is pretty high on my wish list.

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I too am waiting for a beautiful bird to mount. Where I hunt you mostly see mergansers, mallards and the occattional(spl) wood duck( love to mount a male in good condition) and rarely teal( blue and green wing).


If you do us the link that you gave, please let me know how your mount came out and the pros and cons of your experiences. I too am looking for a good taxidermist.

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Originally posted by sdkidaho:

So a Europeon Wigeon?

Pintail, Green-winged Teal, Cinnamon Teal

Canvasback, Golden Eye?

Mallard, Ringbill?

Northern Shovler?


How'd I do? :D


Awesome mounts, by the way.

Thanks - but not even close smile.gif


Eurasian Widgeon (widgeon must be spelled with a D - my house, my rules - and btw there is no such thing as a European Wigeon).


'Common' GE.


Not a ringbill - lesser scaup.


I like this guy- his momma musta pulled a train with one bw teal in line...




mudhen - CA

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Bah. I didn't do too bad. I've seen Widgeon spelled both ways, with and without the "d". Eurasion vs. European, I can live with that mistake, easy enough to correct. And "Common" GE, yeah... I can live with that mistake as well.


As for the Scaup vs. Ringbill, yeah, not even close. :D

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I started out as a child deer hunting. Dad and I didn't start duck hunting until I was grown. Boy we were missing out. I still go deer hunting on opening day most years. After that I just duck hunt. It's WAY more fun than freezing in a deer stand trying to stay still and quiet the entire time.

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Originally posted by tucker301:

We don't have anything that we call ringbills.

Ok, I'll play this stupid little game, what do you call the ringed neck duck :confused:


Also, if you shoot 7 ringneck ducks at a refuge, do you inform the wardens you shot 7 lesser scaup?


I have always referred to ringneck ducks as ringbills after I was questioned by a CA Fish & Game warden about being over limit on pheasants. Apparently I told someone I had shot a bunch of ringnecks, and that person presumed I meant pheasants and called the fuzz.


I have no problem with Mr. Greenjeans, but I don't need him walking out to my blind during the morning flight.


mudhen - CA

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