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I-12 info


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I'm trying to find out more on the Franchi I-12. Is the barrel cryoed as the Benelli? How durable is the camo finish? How rust resistance is it?

I have it narrowed down to the I-12 or Remington 11-87 they are in my price range where the Benelli's aren't, and I have had good luck with my Franchi 48 Al so I think the I-12 will give good service!

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I don't believe the barrel is crio treated.

The camo finish is a good choice and will require minimal care, but the metal internals should still be cleaned and lubed appropriately.

The camo finishes on all guns will chip here and there when they take a substantial nick or rub, but it's nothing to fret over.

Touch it up with some paint or keep a dab of oil on it now and then.


Having shot a SBEII for a couple of years now, I couldn't imagine going back to an 11-87.

I'd still choose the I-12 over the Remington, even it were $200 more.

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Thanks, I have looked all over for info on if it is cryoed. I have some Dura Coat clear, maybe a good coat of that will keep the nicks at bay.


Yes the more I look at it the I-12 looks better and better. It's alot of gun for the price around here the Remington 11-87 with camo finish is almost $100.00 more.

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Well I did it. I got a Franchi I-12 about 3 weeks ago, have shot about 300 rounds not one problem. I have shot from 1oz 2 3/4 trap load to 1 3/4oz 3" duck load and it work 100%! It so far patterns well with the Rem sportman steel I have picked for waterfoul hunting. I got it in Advantage timber HD 'cause I thought it a more all around camo. I would tell anyone it is a true bargan! Love the gun!

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