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Scope mounting on SBE II

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Originally posted by blaino45601:

I just bought a SBE II and notice plugs in top of barrel are these to be driven out or drilled for scope mounting? Can anybody recommend a turkey choke for it?

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Just picked up a Briley .675 Crio treated tube for my SBE II at Briley Manufacturing and have not patterned it yet for turkey but i took out a bank loan cause it's a hevi-shot tube. bout 3 1/2 " #2 Nitro MAG High Velocity WaterFowl Load to see what it looks like past 50Yds and also bought a box of 3 1/2 " 1 3/4 Oz. #4's High Velocity Mag Turkey Loads will try these also at 50 + Yds i think tyhe waterfowl loads gonna patern better than the turkey load? Old Arkansas duck hunter? Thank god i got rid of my old remington shotgun and got a mule kicker!! hehe!! Benelli has the new OEM Crio Turkey tubes on their website now but they are still made by Briley! had it in 3 days!

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Have a stupid question on the dual sights on my SBE II, was told at my local skeet range to stack the 2 sights front on top and small middle one on bottom which seems to work , just curious if anyone has input on this?

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Almost every major choke co. now has a turkey choke for the SBE II;







Wad Wizard

Pure Gold



Terror is getting good reviews - .655


I think the tap plugs are plastic or epoxy or something. I won't pull them out unless I need to.


The trap/skeet figure 8 would make my gun shoot high - I block out the red with the silver and the gun shoots where I aim....


mudhen - CA

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i will be hunting in NM and CO and ya gotta good chance of a long shot but just curious how far is too long? will find out this weekend after i get my Bass Tracker ready for Spring fishing trip to Elephant Butte!

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