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sbeII factory full choke


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Just wondering if anyone has patterned teh sbeII with the factory full choke for turkey type applications. I don't turkey hunt but 1 or 2 time a season, therefore can't justify spending $80-100 on a choke if it is not a great improvement. Surely the factory choke can do the job. I hope to get out and pattern it this week, but I was just seeing if anyone had experience with this. Thanks.

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I have patterned the SBE II full choke with several different loads and I’m not real excited with the results!! All shots @35yds - First tried Remington – Premier H.V. 3” #5, next Kent ‘ultimate’ 3.5” #5, then Winchester Supreme 3.5” #5 – I was not pleased with any of the results- don't get me wrong it I'll kill but – My buddies were shooting super870’s with hevi-shot chokes with the same loads and just smashing the paper. I am wondering has anyone found that deadly combo of aftermarket choke and load for the SBEII.


oh, what are fed flight control loads?


More Info would be great.


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I have the same dilemma with the sbe2. I just bought one and was looking for a turkey choke. I've read alot about it and checked on several forums. A bunch of guys are raving about the SRM Terror .655. They claim to be able to put "virtually" every pellet in a 30" circle at 40 yards. I know that Briley is making the extra full tube for the sbe2's. I'm not sure what to do.

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Sorry took so long to post a reply. I finally tested my factory tubes, Briley X-Full and Undertaker HS with multiple loads (Rem HVY 3" & 3 & 1/2" 5's & 6's, Win Supreme HV 5's, Rem Nitro Turkey, Federal Flight Control's...). It didnt matter what load, choke or distance to about 30 yards. I got the most consistent patterns with the X-Full -approx. 10 in the vitals & 180+ in a 10 inch circle most loads. The best performing loads were the cheap stuff - Rem Nitro Turkey 3" 5's & Win Sup HV 3" 5's (. I had some gaps in the pattern with all the "newer"(HVY & FC) style loads, but they all would still kill out to 35 yds and hit the target with considerably more punch. I never got anything I liked at 40 - 3 or less in the vitals and less than a 3rd of the pellets in the 10 with gaps no matter what I tried. I tried backing out to the IC with HVY Shot like a previous post in these forums suggested, but it was really sparse & lots of gaps all loads.


I am going to go a little tighter this week and test a Carlson's .655 this week & if no results I'll be shooting less than 30 yards for sure this weekend & purchasing a Rhino or Kicks (like most of the posts on NWTF forum suggest) for later this season or next.


I geuss I will get shooting less than 30 yards most of the time anyways, so I'm good to go this year. It sure would be nice if I could have confidence out to 40 in case I get excited and mis-judge that distance a bit! smile.gif


Hope this helps!


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