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Chokes For SBEII!

Jeffrey Strother

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The difference between a Kicks .660 for the SBE I & Kicks .660 for the SBE II is like night & day for me.


Kicks .660 for the SBE I is simply deadly.


Kicks .660 for the SBE II sucked in my gun.


I tested 7-8 different choke & load combos in my SBE II, and the only acceptable pattern was from a Rhino .660 using Win XR's #6's.


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by hooftrimmer 1:

I was told that is was not good for a kicks choke to shoot XR shells or hevi shot or HD shells. That they are meant for lead or copper plated shot only.


is this true



Even though XR is a bit softer, it is prolly the same as HS for choke purposes.


But, I read somewhere that XR is ok for some older guns. If I can find the link, I'll post it.


mudhen - CA

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Originally posted by PARKZE71:

or a primos .660 jelly head there both almost equal out of my sbe2 ......but i shoot nitro hevi

Yep, just started to test my .660 JH in the SBE II.


Very similar patterns.


Maybe a slight edge to the Rhino, maybe...


mudhen - CA

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