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tree stands


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yea bird the treelounge was very high on the list a friend of myn has one and he loves it when he's in it but he hates to set it up and carry it around i just havent decided wether or not to buy one or build one. its a simple design and im shure that i can build it it would give me an excuse to use my tig welder

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I hear that Fez ! .... I'm no welder but I built 6 LARGE platformed ladder stands out of galvanized 2" angle and open web corragated grateing last year for up at the shack.


If you think you could do a good job on your welds and drill perpindicular holes though your tubing .... I'd say go for it!


use stainless steel hardware of course for corosion resistance .. I wouldn't trust aluminum at all due to the sheer value... falling due to a broken bolt would suck!


rough all surfaces/edges/welds using a circular/random motion then clean and prime with a zinc chromate primer... i think you know all this ..so i'll shut up now.... :rolleyes:


I'm not sure what model your buddy has but, if ya build one .. I'd build a platform too .. not the 'base' model.


do it! ... let me know how it turns out!

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Fez ...


need some measurements and schematic?


I could throw that together perty quick for ya...??



step away from making those crack pipes in your basement for a little while and do something productive for once ....


... ya putz! tongue.gif


[ 10-22-2004, 11:24 AM: Message edited by: birddog ]

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there for tobacco use only :D . any way tommorw is the last day for deer that he has a tag for so since im going pheasant hunting with him tommrow ill just throw it in the truck. i dont do well following blue prints any way im more of a cut it till it fits guy. i can t read a ruler :rolleyes:

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