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I suggest using your Benelli rifle vs. this method of take:

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First time my older sister took out our Volkswagon Rabbit she hit a moose. It got up and walked away. Slid right up the hood and into the windshield. You could see it's spin and hindquarters imprinted in the safety glass.


She drove the car home after that. I drove it fro another four or five years after that even.

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Well I guess they can skip that episode on Discovery Channel where they rig up the mechanical animals and fight'em to see who would win. Seems that you just can't kill a Moose with a Rabbit. Um, unless of course it was a superman rabbit like that one on Monty python and the Holy Grail. That one whipped butt, probaly take that Ol'e moose no problem.



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Moose in Maine cause over 3 million dollars worth of wrecks a year . I went to Jackman deer hunting in a snow storm at night and past 16 moose in a 2.5 hour ride. They come to lick the salt off the roads. Drive slow is all you can do. also I'm glad I wasn't in that car!!

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