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BEST way to clean your bird:


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Hey, that is great! I wish I could remember the link for waterfowl cleaning. I'll try and explain it but without pics it's hard to vision.


Pluck a line of feathers out down the breast. Now hold the bird in both hands with your thumbs on it's breast bone. Push down and split the skin. Work you fingers under the skin and work it all the way down past is legs and up and around the wings.


Push you thumb or finger into the hole were the neck comes out and try and seperate the tissue. Next push your thumb threw the membrane were the breast bone ends and lift up on it.


Now fold the head and neck down behind it's back grabbing it along with both legs in one hand. Grab the breast with the other with your thumb under the breast and lift and pull apart.


What you will have left is a completely gutted bird with the wings still attached with feathers for identification.


This is great for out in the feild. I am one that believes the faster you cool your game the better table fare it will be. This still allows identification of the bird if checked by wildlife officers.


Well, I couldn't find the link I was looking for but this one is basically the same thing and will work a little better with the bigger birds.




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I've been using this method for years. Very handy.


In fact, you don't "need" to use a scissors to cut along each side of the backbone.


If all you have is a knife, just score the meat on either side of the backbone with the knife, and pull. Works almost as well.



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