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I have the SBE 11 and love it, it is worth the price.My 2 ad choice would be the Nova both can handle the 3 1/2 shells if you should ever need them.Go with the Briley ( extended choke) Lt mod for decoys and the Im Mod for pass shooting.Use Hevi shot 4s & 6s and you will drop geese like a hot rock.Good hunting and be safe,Boo

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Sounds like you have a pretty rare gun there. an 1187 pump.lol i know its a 870 pump.

let us know if it is a magnum 870. the remington 870 magnum " shooting any of the heavey nontoxic ammo is a real whopper on geese. know if you want to buy a new autoloader for hunting to get quicker 2nd and 3rd shots you really cant beat the sbe. just make sure asap before buying that the choke tubes are centered with the barrel. ask you local gun dealer to install a extended choke tube and see if it lines up with the barrel. IE no bigger or smaller gaps between the choke tube and barrel. caveat emptor or hower it is spelled.

Originally posted by ConfuzedGun:

Hey guys I will be getting a new gun. I need to know what a good one for me would be I would be going from a 11-87 pump to maybe a 12 i need more power for our geese hunting. Please HELP

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