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I am looking at purchasing a new gun and I am torn as to which one I should get. I will be doing a lot of trap/skeet and some (1-3 time per year) wing hunting. I am looking at either the Browning Cynergy O/U or the SBEII. I have not heard much about the cynergy but a lot about the SBEII.


I had a M2 but had soooo many problems I would not consider that model again.


I thank you for your kind advise.



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If you're going to be shooting a lot of trap and skeet, consider a gas-operated gun instead of a recoil-operated one.


The SBEII is a hunter, first and foremost.

It's designed to shoot hunting loads, not those whimpy light target loads.


Beretta, Browning, and Winchester all make fine gas-operating weapons.

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I've been doing a lot of trap and skeet sheeting for four years now, and I'd go with an O/U if I had the cash to get one.


No offense Tucker, but I'm sick and tired of cleaning my wife's gas operated gun. As my buddy says of gas operation, every time you pull the trigger the thing S**** on itself. I'm lazy and I'll admit it, the O/U is easier to clean than the SBEII.


If you're reloading your own shells, it's a lot easier to get your hulls back rather than using a shell catcher or running around looking for them later. Sounds petty, but some of the Sporting Clays courses I've shot at make it pretty darn hard to retrieve hulls.


Speaking of Sporting Clays, I'd love to have an O/U for some of the stations so I could have a mod or full choke in for the long bird, and an imp. cyl. for that one that gets in your face.


I have a buddy that shoots his SBEII for everything. It doesn't have any trouble with the wimpy trap and skeet loads, and it makes good practice for the wing hunting.


Good shooting!

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The advantages of an O/U are

having 2 chokes available while on stand

easier to retrieve empties for reloading

safety at the range, others can see your action is open and the barrels are in a safe dirrection.

Usually very pretty



Cost more, but are getting competative with some autos

Will recoil more and your shoulder will take a pounding on long shooting sessions

That pretty gun will get scratched up in the field



Auto loaders:

Will be a little cheaper then an O/U

Gas or recoil operated will still have less felt recoil versus an O/U

Wider range in grades of autos, cheap utility guns to customs right up there with the best and prettiest O/U


Autos will chuck your empties all over the place.

I have had guys get pissed at me at the trap range because they were getting pelted with my empties on stand

One choke per station

Safety of not being able to see if there is a shell in the chamber when the action is open


What kind of wing shooting? upland or waterfowl?

If you don't waterfowl hunt ther isn't a need for the SBEII and the 3.5 chamber and even then it may not be necessary. Since you don't like the M2 Look at the Montofelltro, Stoeger 2000, Franchi, Berreta A390, browing gold any of these will meet your needs.

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If you are looking to buy an autoloader such as a Benelli and really like the SBE but are going to shoot sporting more than hunting then maybe look at the sport II or supersport or even a used m1. The M1 will be a great sporter and it is along the same family as the sbe.

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Lots of pros and cons - I have semi-autos, o/u's , pump guns, even a bolt action shotgun. I like them all - but for different reasons. I especially like the Benelli's because they shoot clean - vs the gas guns which are really dirty after about 100 rounds. But an O/U is a very versatile gun - and I use them in the field, sporting, trap, skeet etc - but I will also use my semi-auto for all the games as well. The cynergy is a fine gun - as are all the Brownings in my opinion - the XS Skeet, the XT Trap, etc are all very good guns - but I think the cynergy and the XS Skeet are some of the most versatile guns that Browning makes. I would also take a look at the Benelli super sport as well - it's a very good all around gun. Have fun with your selection process - and go to the club and ask around - see what guys prefer and why ....

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