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Clay shooting with the 11707


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The M4 is the best shotgun in the world!


So i went clay shooting with it and it was great but I never went clay shooting before so I didn't do good. I can shoot good being trained as a marksmen for a little bit with the ksk but I don't know what shot to use or chokes or any of that stuff.


So I am asking everyone to please share there formulas for getting a good pattern to knock down these birds thanks.

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Thats a tuff question ta answer...I have I suppose every choke available for the benelli M4..I use em in my M3s & M4s...even the extended extra full.& I've decided I could be blind in one eye & not be able to see in the other & still hit every clay I shoot at with any of the chokes I've used..The M3??..Especially since i put recieved the 26" ribbed barrel (Looks like a practical at first sight ,now)..The m4..??..i think it's almost impossible to miss a clay..the barrel groups so well because ...it's a Benelli!..

..In your case & question..just try every choke till ya do the one ya like..,,The Brileys are nice with the knurled ends...The extra full sure reaches out there..Sure impress's my crew when I powder there left over flying chips...:)

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My 2 cents:


I shoot trap with an over-under. I then tried it with the M4 and did miserably. I'm not used to looking at a 3 dot site when I have been trained looking down a long barrel with 2 beads that line up. I finally started hitting some with further practice (about 50 clays!) and have settled on the mod choke with 7-7.5 bird shot. As goofy as it may look, I did much better with the red-dot scope on the M4. :D


Support your local PJ

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It’s interesting that Karlsen should bring this up, I just tried my M4 out on the skeet and trap range over at Shaw AFB, SC. I had fired the M4 before retiring from the military and waited for a year before receiving my backorder. It is just an AMAZING weapon!


I purchased it for home defense and feel that the best firearm for this purpose is one that we would never have to use. In the case of the M4 with the collapsible stock, no one in their right mind is likely to mess with a geezer defending his home with one of these; therefore anyone who did so would, by definition, likely not be in their right mind and would be eligible to qualify as, "a fair target".


However, the best firearm in the world is only effective if the person firing it can quickly target it. So, for the benefit of my wife, I added an EOTech 552 site to the M4. But I digress.


Before taking it to the skeet and trap range, I had been astounded at the ease with which this combination allowed me to successfully nail 12 oz Coke cans at 25 to 50 yards. However, when I tried this system out at Shaw, like Karlsen, I encountered opposite results. Fortunately, I didn’t have an audience at the time. After initially hitting three out of my first dozen clays I spent some quality time pattering the M4 / EOTech at the 25 yard pistol range at Shaw and did slightly better after pattering.


I believe that I likely have two problems, which I will try to work my way through and would appreciate your collective thoughts regarding. The first is trying to learn how to lead the clay with the EOTech. The second may well be Newton's First law of motion, “Objects in motion tend to stay in motion, and objects at rest tend to stay at rest unless an outside force acts upon them.” The M4 is a hefty weapon, I’m not as in shape as I need to be and therefore found trying to swing it while tracking a moving clay on the skeet and trap range to be daunting. However as Arnold says, “I’ll be back”.

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I went back to the clays after do some reading on the sport.


This time my set up was:


MOD Choke (only one I have)

Winchester AA Target Loads

1 1/8 OZ #7-1/2 SHOT

Shell Length: 2-3/4

Velocity (in.): 1250

Shot Size: 7-1/2


@1250V the lead time was a little smaller than before @ 40yds


I did much better but after doing some pattern tests there was still big holes where it could slip thru and I don’t have all the chocks or different ammo. So I will have to do some more tests.


Also a bought shooting with red dots. I tried the eotechs and they don’t seem as good as the mepors but I will have to try them both out.

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Okay, shot some pigeons of the clay persuasion last Friday--what a blast! It took a little bit to get used to the Docter red dot sight, but once I got the hang of it I was powdering them left and right. Part of the problem I was having at first was that the Mesa Tactical shell holder rail started coming loose and I lost my zero. Luckily I had the hex tool with me and made sure to keep it tight afterwards. I guess they weren't kidding about the Locktite! smile.gif Anyway, my M1014 is now my official skeet gun.

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Yea, I can destroy clays with the eotech on mine ... All the skeet shooters I was with couldn't hit a thing with it though. I guess it's just what you are used to. I've been using eotechs for years, with many thousands of rounds each year.


Good to know other people enjoy skeet shooting with tactical optics as well. Heh.

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