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Maybe all of you guys have went and done this already but since the forum update I have been wondering where some of the features are when I post and or reply to a thread. I was going to PM a Moderator to ask if something hadn't been turned back on but figured I better check my User setup first and sure enough the settings are there.


Once you log in you can click on User CP located at the top left of your screen:






Then down below that in the first menu area click on Edit Options:


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Once there goto the bottom of the page until you see the Miscellaneous Options, and then in the pull down choose Standard Editor - Extra formatting controls



After that you then have the controls back when you post a new thread or reply to one that allow you to do things like add a URL (web address) or picture to your post, etc.:



Hope that was helpful.

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Great post...thanks and Happy New Year. I can't seem to add an attachment though. Says I have uploaded the maximum number. I can only supply a URL for a attachmnet/pic. Are you able to add an attachment directly from your computer with the attachment manager? Thanks for any info.

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Are you able to add an attachment directly from your computer with the attachment manager?


I guess I'm not really sure what it is you would ever attach to a post? Any info you want to put it you should link to, or just paste the text here, and pictures you just put in like I did the ones above, with the image tags.


What is it you were trying to attach? Maybe knowing that I can better answer the question.



I just did a new post and I'm not very smart but I had a heck of a time finding the place for new posts. Not being critical, just feedback. Dowgars


When you first come to the forums you are on the main page with all of the categories:




Turkey Hunting

Big Game Hunting




Once you click on one of those, you are now "in" that forum. Once you are in there, you can see this on the upper left hand side:




Click that button and you are ready to post a new thread. Or once you are in a thread you can click one of these buttons to reply:




The yellow arrow points to the button to start a full reply.

The black arrow points to the button to reply to a post that you want to quote in your own thread.

The blue arrow points to the button you can click if you want to quote several people. Meaning that if you want to quote four different people from one thread, you click that button on each of their posts and then click the button the yellow arrow is pointing to. Once you do that, all of those people's remarks are in your quote. You can look at my response to a thread to see what I'm talking about. Notice the multiple quotes in there from others.

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The red arrow points to the buttom that allows you to type your response in this box:


That one is so you don't have to do a full reply - when you have quick comments to make or whatever.


Sorry to break up the posts. Apparently there is a new limit on how many pictures you can have in one post - two.

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Sorry, wasn't specific enough. I was referring to images being attached. The attachment manager tab suggests you can attach an image to the post, but I cannot attach one by clicking a file on my hard drive. It need to be uploaded to another site first. I have to use a URL, as you did to photobucket, to 'link' the image. Not a IT guy so I hope these terms are correct. Does that make sense?...I'm dizzy now...breathing too many electrons. Gunpowder smells better....

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The attachment feature is probably in the canned template for the forums, and Benelli either purposely chose to turn it off or didn't bother to turn it on.


Very few forums allow for the users to upload files to the servers.

"Duh Fuge" lets them do it. I assume they do so because many of them wouldn't have a clue as to how to upload an image and insert a simple tag.


Nice job on the infographics, skidaho!

MS Paint is teh big 1111 ;)

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Hey, nice one Tucker !! Very funny !! :)


I have a short video sequence I would like to post, not about shooting but it is very funny. You may have already seen it - it's about medical malpractise. The subject being a Dutch chat show interview with a guy who's wedding tackle has accidentally been removed. :eek:


Should I post it ???!!!



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Quote LOL - whatever you fishturd. - Tut tut "D" I can seen Nelli Girl taking you in hand !!




I never said the fish was a bass!! :D


Should I post it ???!!!




You could put it up somewhere, like youtube or some place like that and give us the link.


And your method for making the arrow was much easier! :D I never said I knew how to use Photoshop very well, just that I have it. How do you get the arrow to point wherever?

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How do you get the arrow to point wherever?


Sorry, amigo. Just saw that question for some reason.

Once the arrow is laid down, select the Marquee tool.

Then right-click the arrow and choose free transform.


You can also do this with any new layer (such as a pasted on head of a handsome young fellow).


You can also make quick and easy arrows using the Line tool and choosing to place an arrow at either or both ends.

Change the line weight (pixel value) to make it thicker.

Change the percentage value of the arrowhead to make it wider.

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