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Benelli 20's

Scott Vix

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I have an M2 20ga and I absolutely love it, fast handling, patterns really well with no tox. I really like the slimmer design over the 12's, became my main waterfowl gun after one trip. The Grip Tight coating on the fore-end and butt stock make the gun really easy to handle on cold, freezing wet days. I did have an issue with mine that has since worked it self out, I highly recommend the M2, I had no problem keeping up with the other 5 12's in my group.

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Well, pulled the trigger and picked one up. I went back and forth with the M2, but after shooting the C 12 this past season and using the sport for clays it was pretty much a done deal as to which way to go. It threw up to the shoulder much better than I can remember any other gun right off the shelf. Only thing to do now is do the waiting period.

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I have a 20 ga. Super Sport. Basically same gun.

I haven't shot mine a whole lot yet but I will tell you it points like a dream, cycles just fine, and hits where its pointed. The extended tubes are nice also. I use mine mostly for clays.

So far its been flawless. What else could a guy want?

I love mine and am very happy with it. I believe you too will love yours.

The M2 20ga. is also a great gun and if I was only using it to hunt that may be a different story as it may be a hair lighter and only comes in a 26" non ported BBL. I prefer the 28" for clays and the SS, Cordoba is a little easier to clean like the SBE and I just prefer that design type as I own a SBE II and I feel its better IMO. To me the 20ga. porting doesn't seem to make it much louder at least like the 12ga. bark. Congrats on your purchase. You can't go wrong with any Nelli. Enjoy!

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