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So begins the slippery slope...


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As I posted a few days ago, I picked up an M4 recently.


Today I sent out a money order to SOCOMguy for his full-length magazine tube (guess I should have kept one of the Benelli OEM tubes I got from Numrich several months ago, before I had an M4, instead of selling them on ebay! :)).


Anyway...I've been down this road before with other guns...and I know where it leads: It's going to lead to a lot of money spent, and a pretty kick-a$$ gun when all is said and done. I know that this magazine tube enhancement is like a hit of nicotine to somebody trying to stop smoking. First one puff (one modification), then a few more...and next thing you know, you simply dive in head-first.


Question about the collapsible stock: Why would a person want one? I don't mean this to be a flippant question. Seriously - what is the advantage, other than it looking more tactical? Does it reduce recoil? I doubt I'd ever want to shoot the M4 with the stock folded up (although I suppose one advantage of the stock is simply that you could, should you want to). And since I really only plan on shooting with the stock fully extended, I'd just as soon do so with the stock that comes with the gun.


If there is a compelling advantage to the collapsible stock, I'd be interested in one. But if its major advantage is simply looks, I don't think I'll bother.


And yes - it's true - I've never owned a tactical shotgun before. Perhaps there is a very logical advantage to the collapsible stock, and me simply asking the question exposes my cluelessness.

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Congrats on your slippery slope into the DARK SIDE:eek:


I got the collapsible stock for 1)I can fit it in my safe fully collapsed. Without the collapsible stock, the barrel and mag tube are too fat to fit through my rifle slots in the safe. 2) For CQcombat, this shotgun is most comfortable with it collapsed down 1 notch from full extension. On the range, fully extended is the way to go, but if you are trying to present a low profile to an intruder in your home, full extension is too uncomfortable for my body frame and the collapsible stock makes a huge difference in comfort for the CQcombat scenario. I cannot think of any situation where fully collapsed would be used to shoot unless from the hip, but that's not my intention. Hope this helps. BUT, it also looks cool:D

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The Benelli was designed for the Marines and put into use by them. I am a Marine and we use it often. The stock collapses so that when you are wearing body armor and all of your gear you still have the proper cheek weld and length of stock. Think of all that gear as a stock extension. For those of us who do not use body armor, it works to shorten the overall length of the stock making it easier to do house clearing and movement without shortening the barrel and round capacity too much.

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All good responses. Thank you! The advantages of a collapsible stock sound to be pretty much what I had assumed they'd be. And the advantages certainly sound compelling, for the needs they address.


Doesn't sound like a feature overly important to me and my needs for this gun...so it won't be real high on my list of modifications.


Thanks again! Very helpful.

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the big Q everyone wants to know,, but too sceered to ask,,When Tuck??,,When???,,,when ya gonna stop postin and start shoppin??,,ya know what I mean,,don't be sceered to do it,,,it feels gooood to own an M1014/M4 ---------lol,, lol.


I'm holding out for something with a bit more oomph.

Perhaps one of those new Barret .416's.


You CQC guys can have all that stuff. I'm liking the idea thumping something at a mile and a half :cool:

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