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Temporary M4 Nylon side saddle


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Not really seeing the issue here. It's not like Mesa's shell holders require that you break the current rail. Just remove it and save it, install Mesa's shell holder, and rest easy in the fact that you've got the best one out there on your shotgun. You can always remove it and reinstall the factory rail if you wish.

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this where you and I don't see eye to eye junior,,,no side saddles,,,


I know ya don't old dad but you just got to trust me on this one :) I've never used one until now for the most part because I never found one that appeared to be very sturdy, I always ended up using one of the "sock" types that went over the stock. The Mesa side saddle is top notch quality! We're talking about a shotty that is already heavy to start with and with the skeleton stock the "sock" type shell holder is not an option. The Mesa keeps your shells at the right spot to throw in a few rounds without fumbling around or even removing weapon from your shoulder if you was in a situation where it could cost you. when you are just shootin some rounds at the range just leave the side saddle empty and you are just talking about a few more ounces of weight than the factory pic. rail.

I'll get some pictures with more angles for you to review, bottom line is just trust me on this and get you one. If you try it I promise you'd never take it back off. besides if you decided you didnt like it you could put it on Ebay and recover your cash :D like I said if you tried one you wouldnt take it off.

Now for the next item....I'm working with a fella to make us some wicked "stand off devices" that would attach similar to the Vang Comp design but hopefully at half or less of the cost. LMK if interested


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