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Homedefense + sporting gun


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I am looking to purchase a new shotgun for home defense and sporting. I am interested in the Nova pump tactical shotgun. Are barrel extensions available for this gun in order to shoot skeets? Should I just go with the longer barreled (24") Nova pump?

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There are no barrell extensions.

If you are talking about serious skeet shooting, the shorter barrells will most likely be frustrating on the range.

Also, the tactical model features a rifle-like sights; not very desirable on the skeet range either.

Consider buying two weapons, instead of one weapon for two purposes.

If you can only afford one at this time, get a nova with a 26" barrell for hunting and skeet. It will function equally well for home defense until you can save up for a tactical model.

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I have been thinking about the same thing, except with a semi-auto. My idea was to buy a M2 tactical (with the 18" barrel, but the regular Comfortech stock), and then buy the 28" barrel as an add-on. As the rifle-like sight is on the tactical barrel, the gun completely changes personality, right? Is there anything wrong with this idea?


In the case of the M2, this saves a lot of money (the 2nd barrel is much cheaper than the whole second gun). In the case of the Nova, the cost situation might be different, two separate guns might cost nearly the same as one gun with two barrels.


Actually, this brings up a question. The longest barrel one can get for the M2 is the 28" barrel. But for clay sports, most people now use 30" or longer barrels. For example, the Super Sport and Cordoba are both available with 30" barrels. Is there a 30" or longer barrel available from Benelli? Would a spare barrel for a Cordoba or Super Sport fit on a M2?


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one thing at a time,,,,a shotgun with two barrells ,,,each of different lengths,,,sounds like a ,,,,,,,,winner ---------------------------give treelogger a prize smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif smile.gif [[[[[[[[[M1014]]]]]]]


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Either two guns or one gun with two barrels will work. If you just shoot to have fun you can get the tactical gun and still shoot skeet. You probably won't be any good. I shot 3 rounds with my 1014 and 1 with my M1 Tactical yesterday, 9 out of 25 was my best. I had fun though, my buddy put his 18" barrel on and it became a short barrel shoot out. I wouldn't recommend that short a barrel for sporting clays or trap though.

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