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Wow its been forever since I posted on here. Still visit form time to time, I hope evertbody is doin good. I have had my SBE II for 13 months and am extremelly happy with it. The gun has handled everything I have thrown at at flawlessly. The point of this thread is to ask you guys if you have experienced any wear on the inside edge of the bottom of the ejection port. On my gun in between where it is stamped BENELLI-ITALY and SUPER BLACK EAGLE II there has been a groove worn into the inside edge of the lower receiver. I'm sure it is from the empties brass catching it on the way out. I was just wondering if you guys have experienced the same thing. I am definately not worried but if there is something I can do to keep it from getting any deeper I'm all ears.

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My first SBE started to get this wear pattern soon after I purchased it in 1991.


I called Benelli CS in 1992 (I think) and they said it was normal wear and would not get any worse.


It has not.


I'll reply in another 16 years if I see any changes....

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