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I know this is a Benelli forum but....


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I like them, get a set of decal grips for it and you're good to go. If you're going to use it in competition, I recommend getting a set of fiber optic sights. I've never had any trigger work done on any of mine, but I hear that would be an asset also. I use my XD-40 Tactical with a 9mm conversion barrel in matches all the time with very good results.



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I also have an XD9 4 inch model and I love it I have probably put 2000 rnds thru it .. shoots anything I feed it even that nice wolf ammo (never had any malfunctions), I almost purchased the .45 model instead, but due too ammo price hikes (yes im a cheap *******) I went with the 9mm as I have a few other 9's ..

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I also have a xd40 v10 ( ported ) 4in in od green. I have probally 1000rds in mine with out a hiccup. The ported is loud as ****, but at the indoor range I shot at youhave to wear ear protection anyways so not a big deal. If you ever have to use the ported gun for self defense I'm pretty sure you wont notice the loudness. You'll just be glad you got a good quality gun that goes bang everytime.


A friend got a dark earth 45 a couple months after I got mine. That dark earth sure looks good. I might have to just buy another.

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