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What rifled slugs to use in sbII?


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Need help. Got my first and second Benelli today and I am impressed. SBII rifled slug with camo and Super Nova pump. What slugs work best in the Rifled SBII? I was given some Federal classic rifled 400 grain hps. Need to find out what other SBII rifled slug gun owners would recomend.

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Rifled slug barrels are designed for sabot slugs.

There are many different manufacturers of sabot slugs available and I would suggest you try quite a few different kinds untill you find the one your gun shoots the best. For example Win 2 3/4 1oz 50cal sabot slugs may shoot great in one SBEII and horrible in another. Like any rifle you have to find the load it shoots most accurately.

Great choice on your new Benelli's and welcome to the forum.


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shot ten rounds in the sbII slug federals 400 grain hp at 50 yds standing out of the box 2 to 3 inch groups with no sight adjustments gun worked perfectly will post more today. still need mor info on slugs spec. for sbII accuracy and what about 3 inch magnum slugs worth the money or stick to the 23/4. Thanks again.

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