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SBE II question


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Hi everyone. I was in the store yesterday checking out the M4 again when I decided to pick up a SBEII...WOW...feels great but I again have a bunch of questions.


First, I do a good deal of camping, hiking, fishing...sometimes in bear country. Many people carry large pistols for bears but I dont feel comfortable with anything less than a 12 g full of brennekke slugs. Will the SBEII fire 2 3/4 inch 00 buckshot and slugs without a probem?!?


Second, Can the SBEII accept a tube extension? If yes, what are some good options, and how many shots can I expect total?!?


This gun will also spend alot of time turkey hunting if I buy it


Thanks. ~M

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1. Yes, but there's a but...and it's a big one.

I personally wouldn't rely on an Inertia gun for personal protection in bear country. The Intertia bolt does not "lock up" in a traditional sense. It can and will rotate slightly out of battery if bumped the right way. This will lead to a misfire. It happens in the duck blind and it's annoying. Bit if it happens in a life and death situation, you're not going to be back on here complaining about it.


2. Yes. I believe you can go up to 11 or 12 rounds, but 4-7 rounders are more common.

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I agree manr0e, althought the bolt will most likely be fine, there could be that one time it slips and the gun just goes click. Especially carrying the gun around for self defense. Id said buy a supernova for turkey hunting but go out and get yourself like a S&W .50 because you feel the need to have the ultimate amount of firepower. Not that I am disagreeing with you at all, if a bear was going to attack me I would want something with the most power.

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I would trust my SBE II as long as i had it full of Slugs!! just gotta coexist and there are ways to do that but sooner or later it will happen in your driveway http://www.e-gunparts.com/DisplayAd.asp?


http://www.koat.com/image/13346185/detail.html:eek: tranquilizer guns work well from a drive by G&F!

http://www.koat.com/video/13350577/index.html the bears have going thru sliding doors down pat but this one waited till the hospital opened for business and then went inside!! small commercial at first but watch it and then watch Bear Video!

Benelli OEM PART http://www.therightgun.com/images/guns/gunsA-F/ben015a_lg.jpg i paid 65.00 for it and no its not for sale but i am amazed at what they want for it now! should have bought a couple dozen!

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tend to differ about trusting the Benelli in combat against man or beast,,,I would trust any of mine and even one out of the box,,,a malfunction is like drag racing,,"any given day"


For the record, I didn't say don't get a Benelli.

I said don't get an Inertia Benelli :cool: .


M4 is a whole different animal.

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