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Tough Decision....


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I'm excited for Waterfowl season for several reasons.. First, my wife and I will be expecting our first child, (due on opening weekend of duck season no less) plus I turn 30 next month so I have a decision to make. Wife has granted me one more toy before the tide turns...So, I've been wanting a SBE II for a while now. I settled, and wished I wouldn't have, for a M2000. Its beenn flawless to this point but I'm just dying to get my hands on one of the finest autoloaders out there. I have an 870 as a back up. The other problem is, I've been wanting a layout boat. It is perfect for a majority of the hunting we do. But, I co-own a nice boat and blind set up but the other co-owner is 100 miles away but we generally hunt the same places and together but not always. He's getting a layout this year so I might have the boat even more.


So I have decision to make. New Gun....New Layout Boat....


What do you think?

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If you have a boat that your going to get to use alot i would definately get the SBE II. Every time i shoot mine i like it more and more. Used to have a original SBE and like a idiot traded it off for a gold lite 10 ga Browning. Shot Browning for 7 straight seasons now. Have a belgium made A-5 made in 1965. It is a great gun but i have to say the Benelli points and handles as well if not better than the A-5. Browning golds are pretty good guns but you can bet if you do a lot of shooting your gonna be taking that rascal apart and thouroughly cleaning it AT LEAST 2 TIMES A SEASON. Benelli just so simple and something you can pass along to your kid. Congrats by the way. oh yeah, having a kid is the only excuse for not hunting on opening weekend! LOL

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