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A great brother


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After reading an article in a gun magazine about a new shotgun Benelli was about to release during a family reunion and seen the picture of the new M1014 I quickly took the article to my older brother and showed him this fantastic shotgun that I just had to have as soon as it came out. Time went by and I forgot all about the article and the shotgun until my big brother shows up at my house one day with a Benelli box. Upon opening the box was a brand spankin new 2002 M1014, number 196 of the 2500 that was released to the public. Needless to say he was the greatest guy I knew after that.

A couple of years went by and my big brother had some troubles with his marrige and divorced so I spent as much time with him as possible as most of us know how women troubles can torment a guy when he is by himself. We was doing some deer hunting togther one november morning after his divorce when he told me about a set of knives his then X-wife had bought them for their first wedding aniversery and how he regreted selling them....well looking over at my Benelli leaning up against a tree I knew right then what I had to do.

After tracking the fella down that had this set of knives and telling him that I HAD to purchase them I knew I was about to get raped smile.gif the knives are a set of Puma knives, one was called a white hunter and the other was a skinner, they was the old type with the carbon steel blades but still not a super expensive knife but my brother had just come out of a twenty year marrige with the women that which at the time had to pinch and save for a long time to buy these knives for him....well after this fella got done with me that day it cost me $500 cash to get the knives back, which was alot more than what they was worth, but his mistake, I would have paid $1,000 for them if that fella had asked for it. so I took the knives placed them back into the factory boxes they came with and put them away in my gun vault, called my mom and told her that I had got the knives back and that the whole operation was to remain top secret until the right time to give them back to him.

much to my suprise a week later my brother shows up at my house a week later, I was just about to spring my suprise on him when he started a serious conversation with me. He talked about how everyone was mad at his X for leaving him and things that had happened during this time and ran it past me what people would think of him if he went back to her. I did not hesitate when I answered him explaining he was my big brother and what ever move he made I'd back up 100% and to **** with anyone who did not. well needless to say shortly after they was remarried and everyone he happy again and so was I because he was.

Then came their first wedding aniv. of the new marrige whith his old wife, on this day we all met at our mother's house where I gave his wife(that I consider my sister) two neatly wrapped boxes, I told her that the two boxes was for my brother but explained that I had to give them to her first and she could be the only one to give them to my brother she looked at me not understanding my reson but still complied and they opened the boxes together. I now wish I would have taken a picture of this now so I could have shown you guys the looks on their faces when they realized these was the same knives from so long ago, never can I remember a time besides my own daughter being born of feeling any better at what I had done!

A few months go by and my brother stops by again this time with another box, looking inside was a 1903A3 Springfield rifle in great condition (not one that had been brought back to the states) with all the certifcates and paperwork that makes these rifles worth more money smile.gif ...I have had this rifle a couple of years now and have never fired it but every time I get it from the vault to admire it I always think back to those saturday mornings when I was a kid, he would wake me up to make me breakfest and watch Scooby Doo with me, I'll always smile and then give my big brother a call on the phone to see how he is doing and tell him I love him and all, because he has since moved away, and we both have positions in management of companies that require a lot of our time and my growing family. But every year during that third week of Novemeber we take vacation and you'll find us sitting on a ridge somewhere, me with my 1014, him with his M1 and those knives on his belt drinking some coffee and waiting for that big one!

Who could have guessed a shotgun could have started the unforgetable chain of events I described above, but now when you see me get a little carried away about my Benelli you can understand better, to me it is not just any old shotgun :D

Bottom line is I think I got a pretty **** good brother that I'm real proud of and thats why I wanted to share this story with you. Thanks for listening to me.


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Great story. smile.gif Thank you for sharing. Priceless.


I'm also blessed to have a big brother that I have a special bond with. When I was a child I looked up to him and he always had my back. He went through some rough times as well (a divorce and my young nephew diagnosed with cancer at the age of 9 months). I was glad that I could be there for him for a change.


He got me my first gun and pocket knife when I was in my teens


Thank GOD for great families.



ps. My nephew celebrated his 10th birthday last week and has been cancer-free the last 7 years.

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my brother owns Benellis,,,he's the one who got me started back in 98,,he bought the Practical model and I shot it and thought it to be far superior compared to his remingtons and mossbergs,,the fire power that Practical can deliver is devastating :cool:

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15 minutes ago, croolbrook said:

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I'd be willing to bet you grew up with siblings. I was an only child and have no problem being alone, I usually enjoy it; then I don't have to put up with other peoples b.s. ?

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