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Layout Boat Project

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Thanks fellas.


I did not get to use it last year. In fact, it's not even been on water yet....


Hopefully I can use it a few times this year. Its so blasted heavy I can't manage it very well by myself. I'de rather hunt my 16 footer than this thing. But it will be handy when my buddy finishes his. Between the two of us, we should be able to manage.


I'm already getting the itch....

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Several people have asked me that. And I really don't know. I feel its somewhere in the 125-150 pound range. And at 12' long its not easy to manage. My wife who has helped me move it several times thinks its somewhere in the 300 pound range....She wrestles cows most days so she might have a better idea than me.... I'm not a good judge of weight. That's why my fish are usually bigger...


So I really don't know. What I do know is that two men can handle it very easily and I have yet to try nor do I really want to handle it by myself.


I took it out on the water for the first time yesterday. She floats!!!!! Its suprisingly stable and not a bit fun to paddle...I'll either tow it behind my duck boat or look for a cheap small outboard to power it.


When it sat unloaded in the water it only fell one inch below the water line. When I sat on it it was only two inches. I think an excited dog and a bag of decoys at the front would even it out a bit.


Overall I'm very happy to this point. I still don't have a good plan to get it out of my truck bed and into the water by myself. I might try and find a trailer...My wife should be pleased...


I'll post some pis of the maiden voyage sometime...

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