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Which one should i Buy?


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First off, the only benelli that is in my price range, is a nova, in black.... but i already have one



--a little background first..

I am a die hard ducker... with a minor in goose and turkey..

i just put a SBE on layaway, with a wood stock.

i think synthetic would be a better choice for waterfoul, but it's 899 because they are making room for the SBEII....

should i continue with the purchase, or upgrade to the SBEII and spend the 1300?

is the chryo actually worth the difference?

does the comfort tech actually help?

will i forever be satisfied with the SBE?

this gun will need to last at least 15 years, with about 1800 rounds put thru it each year(the 1187's dont do that!)

------------------will i be able to shoot the light 2 3/4 shells for skeet?------------------

thanks for your input...

James From Maine


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My opinion ... Sacrifice and get the SBEII. First off ... $400.00 over 15 years is only a 27 bucks a year difference. For 27 dollars you go from having a good gun ... to enjoying arguably the best autoloading shotgun in the world. I've never heard anyone lamenting that they should have purchased a LOWER model; but I've often heard someone wishing they would have bought the best when they had the chance.


Second ... in this day and age ... that wood stock for waterfowl (foul weather) is outdated. And yes ... the comfortech is a great feature. Personally, I think somewhere over that 15 years, you'd be wishing you waited for the SBEII.

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Buy the Benelli SBE II in Synthetic. You won't regret it.


I love mine. And I plan on owning it for at least 65 years....hahaha...or until I'm dead.


Like Butch said: you'll never be sad buying the better car.


You don't see people going.....man I should have bought that Ford Escort, instead of my new Mercedes.

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Yeah go with the synthetic. If you duck hunt like I do, you'll be thankful for the more durable stock. I'm in college and don't have any money either, but I justified my purchase by calling it a long term investment. I felt bad at first for spending so much but now am glad I did.

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