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Switched out to a D shim on my SBE1


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Thanks Tucker.


I asked about the cast because my manual doesnt mention anything about it. It only discuses about the drop.


The link you provided might help out my issue.




Thought that may be the case, but I wasn't sure since I've never had a SBEI.

I think the linked kit will put you on the right track.


Mudhen may also be able to help you in more detail. He's had much more experience with the earlier SBE's.


Glad to help.

Just snug the nut up until the stock no longer moves against the receiver and you should be good to go.

Overtightening will deflect the plate and undertightening will leave the stock too loose.

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Is there any reason the kit I linked to would not work in the SBE1 and allow him to change the cast?




Yes, because the kit shown does not fit any SBE I that I have owned or worked on. I presume it's a typo.




Look at part #27 & the shims that are used with it. The plate is a totally different shape as are the shims. I cannot see how they can interchange.


My newest SBE is a 2002 version and it uses the older drop kit.


Unless Benelli changed between 2002 and the CT stock, the E-Gunparts listing is incorrect.

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