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new waterfowler


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Super nova would be an excellent choice for starting out. The nova's are taking over the pump gun scene for waterfowling, expecially since the quality of the 870's is slacking off. I've had a nova for several years and am getting ready to upgrade to the super mostly because of the ability to change fit. The fact that the original nova was one solid piece of plastic from butt pad to end of the action was probably it's only down side. They improved that with the super.

My .02

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The Nova is just as reliable as any pump as long as you take care of it. I've used mine for 3 years with over two thousands rounds threw it and have yet to have a jam or failure to feed or fire. The aftermarket parts are harder to find and usually more expensive then say a 870, but get the gun you want and the gun that fits you best.

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The Pump is an excellent choice for waterfowl because more often than not; no matter what the condition, they work----especially the Nova.


I started out with pumps because I could not afford anything else and now it is what i prefer. When others are standing in the water jacking around with the semi-autos because a shell is hung in the ejection port or the extractor just shattered into a hundred little pcs., I am still going.


I call ducks in a 122 year old duck club and prior to that hunted in the cradle of duck hunting in Arkansas and have seen every make of auto no matter how new or how expensive take a dive at the least opportune moment.


Pumps and O/U's just work and the Pump can be used in tighter corners than the O/U.

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