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My 1st Hun

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Well, I hadn't planned on doing any hunting this weekend as I'm on call for work but as I was sitting at the counter in the kitchen, enjoying a piece of chocolate cake, I decided I needed some nice cold milk to go with it. After filling up my glass I looked out my kitchen window into my field and noticed some birds sneaking along in the field - huns, had to be huns.


I've been worried that all the construction going on around us had driven them off as I haven't seen them this year as often as the past couple of years, but I figured I would go take a look since it was opening day for partridge.


I grabbed the shotgun and snuck around the house and over to the edge of the yard and popped up and three of them took off. I was able to shoot one. Man, what a beautiful bird. It's the first hun I've ever taken.


I think it's a younger bird as I thought their breast feathers were a bit more grey, but this bird has the prettiest tones of red coloring. Very good looking.






I know, I know - that isn't a Benelli. Sorry guys.

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Nice hun! Huns and Pheasant used to be real common in WI but now Huns are almost extinct and Pheasant are generally planted to sustain the population for hunters.


For me it must be almost 20 years since I last shot a Hungarin Partridge.

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