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Any Cordoba action?

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I use an Ithica 37 16ga for grouse and woodcock,when the hike will be long.The Cordoba is an awesome rig,though.I'm sure someone around here will answer you about it.I'll stick with turkey talk with the Benelli's.Hit me up when that strikes your fancy. Good luck this Fall



I use an Ithaca 16 with a straight stock. It's light and fast handling.

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For those long days in the field, I carry a short stock, 20 gauge Monty with just two shells loaded. When I'm trying to imptress people I carry an older 20 gauge Browning upland model Citori with English stock. But, that even gets heavy after a few hours. The little Monty at just over 5 pounds can't be beat. Mine cost me $ 950, but that was a few years ago.



Cape Cod

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I went and checked out the Cordoba ($1625) and M2 ($1140)at my local dealers. Why is there such a big price difference? I was hoping to see some awesome posts here to justify the price.


It could be the Cyrogenic barrels on the Cordoba that add the extra cost. I just purchased one in 12 gauge and absolutely love it! :-)

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