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future purchase R1


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I just sold my R1 300 WSM Comfortech that was in absolutely perfect condition. I bought it last year, with what are unrealistic expectations. While I can't say that I expected MOA accuracy, I was expecting something close. Benneli guarantees the gun to shoot 2.5" at 100 yards (I learned this after I shipped the gun in for review). While 2.5" at 100 yards will get you anything you want, push that out to 300 yards and things look much different. I spent $250+ on different bullets, trying Winchester, Federal and Fusion in different bullet types and weights. Winchester in this gun were terrible. 3-4" is the best I could get. the XP3 were literally 6-8" at 100 yards. Federals would group in the 2.5" range. I should also add that I even went through the unnecessary barrel break in process where it is cleaned thoroughly 10x in the first 20 shots. I have cleaned this gun more than any other gun I own.


The straw that broke the camels back was two weeks ago when the very clean gun misfed two times in about 12 shots. It would eject the shell, and appear to load the shell but fail to pick the shell up out of the magizine. The gun has also jammed.


Cabelas bought it back for $700, and I know own an A-bolt Whilte Gold Medalian.


I was pretty bummed. I loved the way the gun handled, and it was a joy to shoot.


Eyes wide open. It is fun to be excited, but I hope you don't have the same unrealistic expectatoins that I had. Certainly no one ever told me that Benneli guaranteed 2.5" Had I heard that, I would have walked away.


When I was buying the Browning Cabelas told me that in general, Browning, Remington or Benneli, all have periodic problems handling the WSM cartridges (they misfeed). He told me that before he knew I owned the Benneli.


If 2.5" is what you are looking for, this gun could be great. I would also avoid the WSM cartridges based upon my experience, and what Cabelas said.



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I am thinking about getting another deer rifle and am interested in the .300 Win. Mag. Comfortech version but with a 20" barrel not the 24"er. Has anyone heard of Benelli making the 20" in the Comfortech version? What is the best price or place around on the Comfortech R1 you guys have seen? What do optional barrels run?

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