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Bought my first Benelli and now have the first question!


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I just bought a SuperSport after handling one in the store I knew I had to have one. I asked this question prior to purchase but it appears I wasn't given all the facts...


I'd like very much to extend the magazin at least 2 rounds if not more, however I can't find any extentions or where to even look. By the design of the cryo barrell I'm not even sure if it's even possible ot extend the magazine any.


Anyone by chance have any input or can point me to where I need to look?

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As HogWild said they are noted for typo's and calling GPC may not get you the correct answer either. Ever call them? They are made by Daves Metal Works. Call them. There website doesn't list what models they fit.




Of course anyone is free to try.


I don't know how one could get a 12 or 20 ga. shell throught the 1/4" hole in the barrel lug retaining ring without major modifications to the barrel and mag tube, but maybe I'm missing something.

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Yes mine looks the same. I had assumed to use one you would need to purchase another barrel as well, but I don't see them readily available either. Not a big issue, just like not having to reload all the time. Beautiful gun but I'm semi depressed to find there are nearly no accessories or things I do to customize it so far.

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If you pull the limit plug out of it the gun will hold 4 in the magazine and 1 in the chamber. That is 5 shots. That seems pretty good to me. That is the reason Tom Knapp and Tim Bradley use M2's because they have extension tubes available for them so they can hold up to 12 shots.


Anyway, the SS was designed as a clay gun so most likely why it is hard to get extensions to work. Last time I checked it is against the rules to have more than 2 shots in the gun at the majority of clubs. If hunting it would be nice to "LOAD HER UP" though.


Good luck.


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