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Non-Rifled Slug for Deer - Need Help ASAP


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Hey everyone,


Need your infinite wisdom. My step-brother is going hunting this year and is looking to borrow my slug gun.


I have a Savage 110 Bolt Action Shotgun with rifled barrel.


He's never really shot before, so if there is any type of LOW RECOIL deer hunting round that would be great.


Since the barrel is already rifled, I don't need a rifled slug.


Do you guys have any recommendations for a low recoil, non-rifled slug?


Thanks in advance.

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your post is very confusing?? if ya use a sabot slug which were made for rifled barrels you will be ok, most single shot shotguns will kick harder than a pump and most pumps kick harder than the semi-auto. Hornaday SST's are the ones i would use, recoil like is said is something ya gotta deal with and the gun he will be using kicks the most and no more than he will be shooting get a slip on recoil pad? why would you shoot a nonrifled slug thru a rifled slug barrel? never heard of anyone doing that? accuracy will be affected if ya do not use a sabot slug in a rifled barrel!


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