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Another M4?


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Ok my new M4 will hold 5 in the mag and one in the pipe. If I get the full length tube from SOCOMguy how many will it hold then? I seen someone say 6+1+1 but what does that mean? I guess the six is in the mag and one in the pipe but where is the other? I just was wondering how many will fit. My Super Nova Tactical has 7+1.

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How do you do the one under the bolt? I never seen that done before.


Start with the magazine fully loaded and the bolt forward with the chamber empty.


Pull the bolt back far enough to fit a shell onto the lifter. If you pull the bolt back too far the lifter will flip up, but you just have to push it back down and ease the bolt back forward a bit.


Now place the round on the lifter, keep it held down enough to clear the bolt and ride the bolt forward.


With the round just partly under the bolt carrier, slip another round in the chamber. Or you can ignore this step if you want the chamber empty.



I'll try to make a video of this.

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Why does all of benelli literature shows 4+1




Load the mag tube, put one in the chamber, then hit the red button on the side of the receiver. I think it will kick a shell onto the carrier. Then load the tube again.


It's not possible to load additional rounds into the tube with a shell on the lifter.

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Does 'ghosting' an extra shell underneath the bolt on the lifter do any damage to the gun, short or long term? Also, does it adversely impact the reliability of the shotgun?


I'd also like to second the question on why all the Benelli reference material says 4+1. Is the capacity 4+1 when using 3 inch shells, and 5+1 when using 2.75?


I bought my M4 a few months ago and the shop had to order it. It came in this week, and I'm planning on heading to the range Sunday afternoon. I had actually come to this site tonight to ask the same questions that have already been answered in this thread.

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