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Can someone please explain 922r?


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I've seen lots of references to this law, but there seems to be some disagreement as to what exactly it means. I'm hoping someone can explain the law in plain English. I'm about to buy an M4 and would like to customize it but I'm concerned that I might do something illegal.

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I've seen lots of references to this law, but there seems to be some disagreement as to what exactly it means. I'm hoping someone can explain the law in plain English. I'm about to buy an M4 and would like to customize it but I'm concerned that I might do something illegal.


This is from another forum


"Technically, it prohibits the domestic assembly or reassembly of an imported firearm into a configuration that is unimportable. Once the Bush Import Ban took effect, people quickly discovered the legal loophole that allowed the importation of neutered guns and their restorative parts separately, then reassemble the firearm into its unimportable configuration: Taking that ugly thumbhole-stocked MAK-90 and adding the pistol grip, folding stock, etc after importation. This practice was perfectly legal until 18 USC 922r was enacted to close the obvious flaw in the legislation a year later in Nov 1990.


It applies to all semi-automatic rifles and and, according to a strict interpretation of the law's text, all shotguns regardless of mode of operation.


There are a lot of legal arguments floating around regarding the law's applicability:


Only ATF Import Branch has the authority to approve or deny a Form 6 import permit. If a firearm as been deemed unsuitable for sporting purposes and hence unimportable, then logically it has been submitted for approval for importation and been denied:


Does 922r apply to an assembled or reassembled firearm that has never been denied import approval? If the firearm in the same configuration has never been submitted for import approval, then its importability remains undefined for that configuration.


Can 922r apply where the resulting firearm is in a configuration not offered by the manufacturer, where there is no configuration to be denied importation? The Beretta Cx4 Storm is a good example where it is not a neutered version of a military weapon, but a standalone rifle made for the American civilian market. There is no manufactured version with a flash hider, non-thumbhole stock, folding stock, etc, so there cannot be an unimportable version."



Here is my take.

Id say that the LAST thing we need to to is swamp the ATF with letters regarding the legality of our imported shotguns.I like my new M4 with colapsable stock and +2 extension. The last thing I want to run across is some local jerkoff LEO that knows 922 inside and out because the ATF found need to make an issue of it.

Out of sight, out of mind. If everyday, the ATF is getting 3 letters regarding 922, they are damn sure going to brush up on what it means, and pay it more attention.

I have yet to meet anyone, or even hear of anyone on the net that has been nabbed for running a Benelli with an extension.

So, my thought is to do what you want, at your own risk. We know what the law is for the most part, lets not push it.


Id say that if you are worried about modifying the M4, then dont. SImple as that.

That being said,

I myself have a new M4, with all the evil parts, and I plan on a mag extension. A few guys from ARF.com got in contact with the ATF. They reported that the ATF said that unless you use the gun in a crime, you dont have anything to worry about. One of them said "Just dont use it to hold up a liquor store, and your good" Those exact words.

I see wayyyyy to many modified Benellis out there at local 3-gun matches for it to be an issue. And I highly doubt that any of them have it registered as a SBS.

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It's actually quite simple.


922r is superseded by the 2nd amendment to the Constitution of the United States of America; THE supreme law of our nation.

Therefore, 922r is an illegal law which infringes upon the rights of the citizenry to keep and bear arms.


If you are a citizen of the United States you may feel free to ignore 922r and any other laws which restrict or prohibit your rights under the Constitution.


If you don't feel free, then by all means try to conform to the government's restrictions.


Just don't come whining to me when they start taking away more of your basic freedoms.

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my feelings are like this. As much as I try to comply with federal & state laws regarding firearms. I think some of us may be a bit paranoid to comply. I have NEVER heard of or read anything to say that Mr. X weapons were confiscated because he did not comply with 922r. I am pretty sure that 99% of law enforcement and ATF for that matter aren't up to speed. They have too many other things to worry about. I have NEVER been shooting in the field or at the range and asked to see my paperwork for my registered weapon when I lived in Kalifornia. I just think most of us want to comply but are being a bit paranoid. If you use your weapon in the act of commiting a crime, then chances are your will have your weapon examined for federal compliance and unless it's a Full Auto or SBR I don't think most local law enforcements are up to speed on importation laws.


Or maybe I just live on the edge..LOL I have an SAR-8 ( removed thumbhole stock & added flash hider ) an HK911 removed thumbhole stock and a Benelli M4 with skeleton stock, 2 rnd extended mag.


If you noticed none of the parts to the trigger assembly have made in Italy (m4 ) nor does the mag tube follower. How would anyone know where they came from. And the mag tube I purchased on this forum doesn't have made in USA on it, nor does the surefire mag follower. Heck I might as well take my trigger a part and have the machine shop engrave made in USA on all my parts..who's to say they aren't or can prove it??


Just shoot your guns..obey the basic laws and we will all do just fine.

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I have one of his tubes. They ( it ) looks nice. One day I will take the time to install it. I have the 2 rnd factory extension at the moment,,so I guess thats why I haven't swapped it out yet......****, I haven't even shot mine yet. I have 4 rifles I purchased in the last two months and haven't shot one of them. Been stocking up on ammo and accessories, waiting for the day. LOL

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How much is Surefire asking for their suppressors? It doesn't say on the site.


I dont actually know, but I'm guessing around 6-700 for the pistol and 800-1k for the rifle. I'm still researching brands and prices. " Yankee Hill seems to be a good buy so far, but I'm leaning towards the surefire stuff..........But then again...I could buy another pistol for the price of a supressor...decisions, decisions...

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