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Who uses Binoculars, and What Size and Brand?

Spur Collector

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I always try to take my binoculars with me unless I accidentally forget them at home... I've got lots of cheap pairs that mom used to buy all the time and I have two good pairs that I actually use, a pair of Nikon 10X32 and a pair of Nikon 10X50. I carry the little pair for long walks when I don't want to carry a large pair around my neck all day and I take and the big pair for short walks or when I'm gonna be hunting a tree stand and I dont't mind carrying the extra weight... I am also wanting to buy a spotting scope here pretty soon to do some early season scouting.

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After reading the Sept issue of Field and Stream, their Best Gear of the Year issue, I bought a pair of Vortex Viper 10X42. They rated them best in their class. I really like them. They're Japanese glass. I wouldn't say they're Swarovski, I've never even looked through Swarovski, but they are super clear and super bright. I killed a 6 point buck this season at dusk dark that you couldn't see with just your eyes.


I think binoculars are very important to your hunt. Some people say 10X42 is a little big and shaky, but I think they're the perfect all around size for multi use. I hunt open areas and in the woods and I use them for both.

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Swarovski 10-42 EL's couple years old and almost need tr**** and i do use one on occasion. This was a gift from Uncle Sam so thanks everyone!! Almost got a nice set of NVG's during Desert Storm but Flight crew came back for them cause they were around 2500.00 bucks back then and pilot was frantically looking for something and i asked him what he was looking for and i told him i stashed them in the Galley Storage for safe Keeping!! hehe!!:D

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