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Ducks Calls


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Haydels DR-85 is the easiest call I've ever used, and you can get it for about $20 with instructional cd. Great first call.




I'd pick up Primos Mastering the Art DVD. It'll show you techniques for using duck calls. Their techniques apply to just about all duck calls, from what I've seen so far. They show you what sounds to make at the right times. It'll help you a lot.



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I agree with the DR-85. That is a cheap call that sounds really good. I personally like the echo trash talker a little better though. I think I bought mine for under $20. I don't use it anymore because my "go to" call now is a RNT cocoabolo short barrel, but I always have the echo on the lanyard....

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Duck Commander's "Mallard Drake" is one you should have and learn - pretty easy but like any calling it takes practice and time out listening to the ducks in order to mimic them correctly. Their wood duck call is a good one, too. Around here for Teal I use a higher tighter pitched Mallard hen tone so if you can find something that sounds the like.. more power to ya. Wish I could recomend one but the one I use has been around for a few decades and I can't for the life of me figure out what make it is.


Keep it simple though .. most times less is more when calling and keep those obnoxious hail calls to a minimum.. every tom dick and harry this side of the south pole just beats that dog dead for the most part. For Woodys I tick and cluck with very few weezes mixed in.. tough to talk about it just comes out nowdays.

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A call lanyard is not complete without one of those six-in-one whistles.


My first call was a double reed Duck Buster from Big River Game calls. Very good call for the money.


Really, you can't go wrong with anything listed above. I would get me a good CD or DVD and find a call that fits your fancy.



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