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20 gauge geese ammo

shell waster

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My wife has the Montefelto Short Stock 20 gauge. Any suggestions for geese ammo. Steel shot is really not an option. Her choices are such: Hevi-shot #4, Tungsten Matrix #3, and Tungsten iron #2. All have pro's and cons, velocity, payload etc. I have used Hevi-shot and very familar, but have never used the others. I wish Hevi-shot came in 20 gauge #2.


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Shell Waster - 20ga. / #2 Hevi-Shot is available in factory loaded 3" 1-1/4oz. & 1-1/8oz. loads. I don't think Remington offers them but, I know that Environmetal/Hevi-Shot does. I tried both out on white geese a few years ago and my eyebrows raised after knocking a few down on long range pokes. I reload both 4's and 2's in 12ga. and 20ga. for ducks and geese now days. Stick with the Hevi-Shot loads (my opinion) they're the best 20ga. factory load out there for waterfowl.


here's the purchasing link http://www.hevishot.com/shopping/20g.html


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no prob shell waster - master I'm not .. just a fool with a love for the outdoors i guess ... my ex-wife called it a sickness if i remember right - hence the pre-fix 'ex'.


bwnr - Ballistic Products Inc. has a Hevi-Shot manual and Re-loading Specialties Inc. has a recipe book too that is a bit more simple (and less expensive) to use because they use the same primer, powder and wad for all their Hevi-Shot loads. I think both are @ $10.


*A little tip* try the 2-3/4" loads first ... you'll be politely suprised at the results and if you find a load you like there you'll wonder why they're making a 3-1/2" hull!!


good luck


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Thanks birddog!! I appreciate the reply. My family has really become proponents of shooting Hevi-Shot for waterfowl. Unfortuneately, we have no family ties to the Rockefeller's and find it hard to continually swallow the step price tag from Remington on HS.


For those that are following this forum, Re-Loading Specialties does not have retail sales. They refer you to Bucks Run Sports Supply. Very nice people, for a flat $10 they will send you their catalog as well as Volume 3 of Re-Loading Specialties, Inc. recipe book for re-loading shells utilizing Hevi-Shot. Bucks Run carries all the components listed in RSI's re-loading guide for Hevi-Shot.

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yeah, steel shot can just piss-off for geese...took some shots at a couple from a decent range... and they were just sitting there and lookin around like "huh, when did it start raining?!?!"..grr pissed me off... oh well, funny to look at them and their reaction to my "barrage"- yes they were on the ground, just FYI- it was a slow day, and well, it was better than nuttin, but still, one moment they were eating, the next, lookin around like "wtf is going on? the sun's out, but its raining....."

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