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screw you.


I dont own this gun, but handled one at Gander Mtn recently and see know reason why not to Pheasant hunt with it and if recoil bothers you go to 20 ga. I know I would rather carry the supersport than my old 1100 but cant have it all.


If you can shoot 20 in 3" #5 at pheasant, you wont be undergunned - no way because its all I shoot.

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Hello there. I'm not sure that I would take a trap gun out shooting pheasants- that is what they have the Montefeltro for. If you are concerned with high recoil, I would go ahead and buy a 20 instead of a 12. Also, as much as I love Benelli, I would suggest spending almost $800 less on a new 1100 12ga if you don't want to take the step down in size. But just to clarify, they make the 20 for all the applications that they use the 12 for, which should let you know that it is just as good of a gauge as the 12 is.

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No doubt those Remington shells work fine, but its been my experience that it has more to do with the nut behind the trigger putting birds "feet up," as you say, than the brand of shells you use.


If you're killing pheasants, you're doing most of the work. The shells are just helping.


If you're hitting the birds in the lips, so to speak, you'll kill them.


Damn, I love pheasant hunting. Wish I could afford to do it more.



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Daily limit in Kansas is 4 roosters.


I also hunt Nebraska and South Dakota. Daily limits in both are 3 roosters.


Made pheasant tortilla soup last Sunday. YUM! Even my wife liked it!


Here in Kansas we also have a pretty fair population of bobwhite quail. Way fun to hunt too. Love it when my shorthair goes on point on a covey, then they bust and it scares you to death even though you knew it was coming!


We also have prairie chicken, or so I'm told. I've never seen one, though.


Fiocchi makes a nice pheasant shell too.


I use my own reloads. 1-1/4 ounces of 5 shot at about 1350 fps. Does the job if I do my part.



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Hey, I have an Ithaca 37 in 16 gauge too. 1952 model, fixed modified choke, no rib. Love that gun, though honestly, my Stoeger Condor fits me a little better.


I had trouble with Fiocchi shells in my Ithaca 37. When I pumped it, two shells would come out of the magazine tube, jamming things up. Works fine with Remington Game Loads, though.


Quail decline, quite honestly, is usually due to loss of, or lack of, suitable habitat.


Good habitat (right kind of foliage, etc.) allows them to elude both airborne and ground predators.


Of course, development kills habitat.



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Haven't looked lately. I bought a case of Remington Game Loads (1 oz. of #6 shot at 1200 fps) about 3 years ago, and haven't bought anything since.


I'm about the only guy I know who shoots 16 gauge.


I have gone back to my 870 Wingmaster in 16 guage for my upland gun. I have found that Sportsmans Warehouse has Federal steel in #4 and #2's quite routinely.


I have about 4 boxes of the #4's and a box of the #2's from this season.


So check them out if you have one around your area.


Mike Poorman

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