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Problems-Input appreciated


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I have owned a Benelli R1 30-06 for 2.5 years. Last year just before hunting season while cleaning the gun I noticed a coupling was broke in the gas exchanger attached to the barrel I will attach pics. The gun went back and Benelli fixed the gun quickly but I was unable to use it that hunting season.


This year I used the gun and took a buck with it but when cleaning it I noticed the same part was broke as before. What is causing this, the cost of resighting this gun doesnt make me happy but the gun is worthless to me if it keeps breaking! Has any one else had this problem?


Also the wood easily soaked up the rain water raising the grains. What can be done to prevent this? and fix it?


I expect more from a gun this expensive, I am starting to understand why all the great northeastern hunters use the remington 7600. ( The Benoits, Berniers etc.)


The Gun;




The Gas exchanger attached to barrel




Broken Peice;


broke 2



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The gun was mailed in to Benelli on the 11th of December and I recieved back it today!

Considering the Holidays and work done I think this was an eceptionally fast turn around! A+ to Benelli


Benelli replaced a ton of parts under waranty: Gas Cylinder screws, Gas Cylinder, Gas Cylinder Plunger pin as well as some Misc parts. Benelli could have said I modified the barrel and voided the waranty but they fixed the problem under waranty! A+ Benelli.


The stock which had swelled do to moisture- Benelli replaced or refinished the stock which appears to be better than new. Again A+ to Benelli


I still would like to know what is causing this but based on the lack of responses to my post I belive this is isolated to me. Hopefully everything is fixed because I do like the gun and have no other complaints with it. Even with an 18 inch barrel (20 with Muzzle Brake) and 180 grain round nose rounds I shoot tight groups at 100 yards.


In closing Benelli has a great customer service department in my opinion and have been very helpfull.

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I have the same problem with broken part in the gas chamber. I've noticed it after firing first 10 rounds. Now,after 3 years nothing has been done about it. I'm useing the rifle with success but that is not what I payed 3 years ago. My model is European Benelli ARGO 30-06 and it is very accurate. As a professional outfitter I can say that Benelli R1 is very good but materials they use are not,at least some parts.

Because I bought it in Croatia and it is made in Italy I don't know what to do because Italian costumer service is very bad.

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ANOTHER Benelli Flawed Part, Material OR Design

urnhart, you are NOT the only one with Problems, I have noticed that MANY People don't like to let ANYONE know that Benelli Hosed them, after all, they had to explain to their friends WHY this EXPENSIVE Pry Bar That Benelli calls a Rifle has broke and been sent back 2-3 Times and why you NEVER use the New Gun during Hunting Season, and I don't understand about saying their Customer Service is good, for the PRICE that Benelli Charges, you shouldn't NEED Customer Service, and the reason that you didn't get the Rifle back before Deer season is because EVERYONE is returning their Benelli JUNK at the same time, and they are FLOODED with Repairs!!

Oh well, your NOT the First one to realize Benelli Products are WAY OVER PRICED for what ou get, and what you get is a Cabinet Queen that can NOT be relied upon

And the Remington 76 Series of Guns are FAR better than Benelli's and FAR cheaper in Price, and you can ACTUALLY pass the Remington down in the Family, But all you can pass down is the Customer Service Number if ou have a Benelli

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