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Chokes for benelli super nova


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Hey all,

Iam 16, my dad just bought me a benelli super nova for turkery hunting, and i am wondering what is the best choke for this gun and ammo? I heard that Hevi is good. I am new to this i have only hunted turkey one previous season. And i did not get a turkey. just a little about my self.


thanks Jordan

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Congrats on the Super Nova. I hope you get a monster longbeard with it.


I have the SBEII, I've been playing with some choke tubes, and ammo. I like Indian Creek .655, and Kick's .655 the best. But at around 30 bucks I think Primos Jellyhead .660 is the best for the money. I have found Hevi-13 the tightest but Winchester Supremes are second place and half the money. I haven't tried the Wnchester Extended Range yet, but I will before spring.


I don't really know how similar the Patterns are for SBEII and Super Nova. Probably close...??? I don't know...


Better buy ammo quick... From what I hear the prices are going up fast due to cost of metals.

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On the up side the tubes will be cheaper on the Nova,as they are not Cryo treated.I will put around 500 various rounds down field in the next two months at the patterning board,with every target being filed away for reference.At the end of these sessions,I always am convinced that there is a combo that can do better than the one I just got done using.My advice is find the one load that is easiest for you to find on shelves near you,and also throws the best patterns with the tube(s) you've aquired. Good luck,and happy shooting!

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If you are like my teenage son & daughter they don't spend a lot of money on choke tubes or ammo! My kids hunt but would rather spend money on video's, downloads, MP3's, taco bell and guitar hero!!!


Here are some relatively inexpensive chokes for Mobil Choke (Benelli/Beretta) guns that shoot well with good old inexpensive copper plated lead turkey loads (Federals);


HS Strut Undertaker (.665) = patterns well with both #5 & #6 Federal Copper Plated

Primos TightWad (.655) = patterned best with #5 Federals

HS Strut UndertakerHS (.675) = patterned best with #4 Federal Copper or Hevi-Shot #6


Hevi-Shot is EXPENSIVE and will pattern better at longer distances but you can't go wrong with good ole copper plated lead.....if you know somebody who reloads have them load some nickle plated shot sometime then take it to the pattern board with your favorite turkey choke tube!!!

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