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Patterns out of Supernova


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I have been thinking of buying a camo Supernova to use turkey hunting.What kind of pattrerns are you guys getting out of it?I have been using the Winchester Extended Range Hi-Density and a Jellyhead tube in my SBE,wondering how this combination works in the Supernova?I know each barrel is different but law of averages say there is a combo that works pretty good in the majority of them!Thanks for any help you can give!

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I've gotten great results out of almost every combo I put through it,except for some reason,my gun does not like Carlson's tubes!? I ended up hunting with a Tightwad tube after all the tests,because it was the most consistant for me. If you have some buddies around,have them each buy a box or two of different loads,and you do the same,and have a patterning party.It only sets you back the cost of two boxes,but you get to test many different loads,depending on how many participate.If they also shoot Benellis(non Cryochoke) then you can also switch tubes as well.The possibilities are endless! Take care.

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Your Super Nova (and the one I recently purchased for my son) should shoot the same chokes equally as well as an SBE.....I say this because I have M1's & SBE's, Beretta's autoloaders and O/U's that ALL use the Mobil Choke's and have dozens of aftermarket choke tubes and ALL of them pattern pretty close. The only difference is POI between some of my guns because they are set up differently (field guns verses competition guns) but the patterns are ALL very close. The only two guns I have personally found this did not apply to was Franchi's 612 and the Beretta Pintail, they both use Mobil Chokes but had patterning issues that appeared to be caused by improper choke alignment when the barrel was threaded by the manufacturer! You could actually see the misalignment when looking done the bore from the muzzleend of the barrel.


Extended chokes are the only way to go for improving patterns for turkey or competition shooting. Some folks like ported chokes others don't.....it's up to the shooter, some say ports reduce recoil others disagree....I think they look cool....some choke makers claim their ports or slots slow the wad and improve patterns, some claim straight rifling does the same thing as slotted chokes! If you go with ported chokes make sure it is safe to shoot Hevi-Shot if you intend to shoot Hevi-Shot....some ported chokes have come apart due to the hardness of Hevi-Shot (Comp-N-Chokes come to mind but u might double check their website).


DISCLAIMER - Every gun regardless of manufacture is different, every lot and manufacture of ammo is different and every choke tube is not like the other so the best thing to do is experiment (its fun too)!!! PLEASE DON'T SHOOT @ 55-60 YARD TURKEYS, EITHER!!!

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