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SBE II barrel length turkeys and waterfowl


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I just bought a SBE II synthetic w/the rifled slug barrel. Want to get a field barrel and am uncertain about length. I hunt mostly turkeys and want to get back in to waterfowl. Like a 24" barrel for the turkeys, but will that with chokes still leave me at a bad disadvantage for geese? Is a 26" barrel with chokes a good alternative for waterfowl to a 28" barrel, or is it really a compromise that would work poorly for both turkey and geese? My old duck/goose gun was a Ithaca model 37 12 guage (28" barrel) but I only own one now with a full choke barrel which I don't think will work well w/steel shot. Want the Benelli field barrel, but at $500 + each, don't want to buy more than 1. Any help/thoughts??

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People overcomplicate this. two inches here or there is not going to handicap you so badly that you need to have seperate barrels for turkeys or geese.It is always a hot topic though, as everyone has their own opinion/research to back it up.It's like the 12ga vs 20ga debate.The first battle you are going to have to fight,is finding some barrels at all,as they are hard to come by sometimes.Once you have done this,then it is time to choose,if you are able.Some of the choketubes you will screw into the end will add an inch or more to the length.If you had a 24 in bbl,and added a Kick's turkey or waterfowl choke you would then have a 26 in bbl.Same choke with a 26bbl turns into 28in,etc.


No matter which you choose,feathers will fly,as long as you do your part with load selection,woodsmanship/calling,and shooting ability.


Rock on Ithaca btw!

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i would think which ever feels better and shoulders better would be the one i would buy and good luck with paying for it!! I have read numerous articles that say the 28" barrel is the one best fitted for overall different types of shooting? I prefer a 30" but that was before they made choked barrels!

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