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Nova camo finish


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That is one of the flaws in owning a camo gun. Doubt it will all chip away. My SBE is 3.5 years old and is fading a little and chipping. It's a duck gun and I don't care what it looks like. Don't get me wrong, I pamper the **** outta it when I am done after each hunt, but it is a duck gun first. If I wanted a pretty gun, I'd bout a legacy or O/U.....Just my thoughts....Good luck, and them Nova's are bulletproof.....

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I had a Browning Gold in Camo for four years. The finish never chipped but it wore off in places that got the most touched and rubbed. The places where the camo wore off were black. So this time when I traded the Browning for a Benelli SBEII, I opted for Black, thinking the same thing would happen so this time just go black to start with. I put a Beartooth camo stock guard on it and a camo sling. It still looks cool. Plus, camo styles change, but black stays around.

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I've heard this complaint from other Benelli owners about camo pelling, flaking or chipping but I have several in HD Timber and all are in very good condition.....the only flaws have happened when I did something like sit it on the side of the duck boat and it slides down the gunwall scrapping the camo off the reciever top!


If your gun is that new send it back to Benelli and have them fix it!

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