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Son's first Super Nova....SG vs CT


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Been away from this site for a looooonnnngggg time.....my last post was 2004!!!!


Neway, I just picked up a Super Nova this past weekend at a local gun show with the Comfort Tech (CT) stock in Max4 camo. It will be a birthday present for my son and he will shoot turkey's with it for the most part. I was wondering if neone has shot both the SteadyGrip (SG) and the CT versions of this gun and can tell me if the CT really does much for recoil when shooting 3" loads???


Second, I picked this gun up used, guy bought it just before waterfowl season and decided he needed an autoloader (kicked too hard with 3-1/2" steel loads for him, I guess?!?!) he said he had the box but later could not find it....so I'm looking for some stock shims. If nebody has a set they want to sell let me know, otherwise I'll order a kit from Brownells.


Finally, what does the button on the forend do??? Is this for blocking the next shell coming from the magazine??? I went to Benelli and downloaded an owners manual but the manual does not mention this button....at least I could not find any reference of it in the Super Nova manual?!?!

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10gauge ,there is a post about the comfortech somewhere on here i read,I believe it was Quakerboy that said the comfortech helped some with the 3" loads,made them feel like hot target loads ,and the 3 1/2" loads still felt like 3 1/2" loads.I have never shot the comfortech so I could not say from personal experience.

The button on the lower side of the forearm on the Supernova is a mag cutoff.You can unload the chamber without releasing a shell from the magazine tube by sliding the forearm back a couple of inches,that allows you to press the button.Then you slide the forearm all the way back and it unloads the shell from the chamber,allowing you to reload the chamber with a different load or leaving the chamber empty.You can also use the button to unload the gun without running all the live rounds thru the chamber.Hope this helps ya!

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thanks td!


I saw the post you mention from the "quake" and he compares a Super Nova to an SBE if memory serves me one with Comfort Tech one with SG and given these two guns are very different with respect to recoil it was not much help.


I though this button must work like a magazine cut off......i guess since the Super Nova forearm comes way down on the reciever it was impossible to put this on the opposite side of the reciever like most autoloaders! I've had lots of guns with mag cut offs and can't say I have ever used one even when waterfowl hunting?!?! it always sounds like a great idea but I can never remember to use it when those ducks or geese come into range!

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I since added the "real" CT recoil pad,like the one the SBEII and M2 has,and that changed EVERYTHING.The stock SN pad is hard and has no give,the surgical rubber pad does an excellent job.I was shooting 3.5 shells at my last session and was able to keep grinding.Usually I saved that gun for last so I could end the day with the sore shoulder instead of start it that way.I use a pad on my shoulder as well that is affixed into my shirt and that stock pad STILL hurt with 3.5's. I was fortunate to by my new CT pad at Cabela's for $10 in the bargain cave.A new one runs $69,but I feel it's well worth it.

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I was wondering if neone has shot both the SteadyGrip (SG) and the CT versions of this gun and can tell me if the CT really does much for recoil when shooting 3" loads???


I have the CT version and my buddy has the steady grip. When shooting the 3 1/2" or even the 3", I have to say that perceived recoil was more manageable with the steady grip.


I was getting punished(***** Slapped) with the 3 1/2" loads while the 3' were tolerable with my CT. I just changed out the gel recoil pad it came with, with a limbsaver. The limbsaver made a big difference. Now shooting with 3 1/2", My cheeks aren't getting punished as bad.


The button under the forearm is an added safety feature, it is to unload the chamber with out a new shell being dispensed.

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