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M4 Choke tube


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I have an M4 and it came with the internal choke with three (3) notches, I assume that it is a three. My understanding is that to shoot slugs, I must use a four or five, is that correct???


Where can I buy the appropriate Benelli choke to be able to shoot slugs??? Can you be specific as to what I need please for all you Benelli M4 experts.


Thanks for any help guys!

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should have came with a cylinder choke, look on outside of it and see how many ***** it has should be 5 according to website but ya look in the M4 manual and it does not even show a cylinder choke?


top left side of page standard chokes shows cylinder to have 5 ***** onn the side of choke, do not see anywhere where it says how many slits on top face of choke? i think cylinder will shoot any round ya wanta shoot in it but you can use any of the standerd or extended standard tubes per Benelli choke chart at bottom of the link!!

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