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M1 90 Wood stock/fore end?


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Try sportsmans guide for the stock at the link below;




also try able ammo and search "benelli stock", here is a link;




According to the folks at Sportsmans Guide the SBE, M1, Montefeltro & Legacy wood stocks are all the same?!?! I didn't know the Monte & Legacy were the same but I don't know everything.....at least not yet!!

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the key to Benelli forends for fitting one is the size of the barrel ring,,if its M1 series ring the front of the forend has a large opening to fit the forend,,the Montrefeltros have a small barrel ring so of course a different forend must be used,,,as far as stocks go all super 90 series should fit,,now the older pre 86s won;t at all but the super 90 back to forends now will fit the older sl80 series,,cool ain't it???? --ps:maybe a touch of the dremel and spacers for the super 90 stuff to the sl80 stuff.its still cool

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Thanks for the links, unfortuneatly I still couldn't find the right one. The search continues! I did see one on gunbroker, but someone outbid me at the last minute. I would swap my synthetic black hardware with someone who has the wood, but can't find any takers for that either.



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I have a matched set,forearm,buttstock and pad. Originally removed from a Benelli SBE1 w/custom ER Shaw slug barrel. The walnut is semi/fancy satin finish, in my opinion too nice for a slug gun so it was removed and never saw a day in the field. If still in the market I would consider a trade your stock set(forearm buttstock+pad) provided it is average condition and has adjustable drop/shim feature for the buttstock and $150. I can e-mail you pics.

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I have a walnut satin forearm and rear stock in very nice condition that I'm considering selling, if anybody might be interested. They were too nice to beat up so I took them off my Benelli M1 Field competition gun and replaced them with synthetic furniture.

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Does anyone know where I could find a set of wood stock and fore end for an M1 90? I have the synthetic black and want the wood.




I just traded for a M1 Super 90 that has the wood buttstock and forearm. I haven't got the gun yet, but will have it in a couple of weeks. If you have your synthetic stock set, I would be willing to trade you for it.


Give me a call or email me




[email protected]

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