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Crio Or Back-bore Barrel ?


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"You say that unless you do some custom work on a gun, the results are pretty much the same among them. Speaking for barrels."


Yes. Pick a gun that you like, can afford, and that fits you well. Gun fit is really important, especially with moving targets. The gun MUST shoot where you're pointing, or everything else is moot.


Try a few different choke tubes, and a few different brands/types of ammo, and go with the one that gives you the best patterns, and don't worry about it any more.


The biggest key to hitting moving targets with a shotgun is to practice. Exceptionally great patterns are useless if you miss the target. On the other hand, even mediocre patterns will kill game birds if you point the gun properly.



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Not bent out of shape, and wasn't posting for your benefit anyway.


As far as believing Benelli's marketing, well, after all, that's what they're banking on, isn't it?


I didn't see where you posted all that for any one specific person's benefit :confused: I presumed that it was for anyone who read it to benefit from, otherwise why would you post it?


I'll repeat what I said before; a Benelli claim vs. an Internet Wizard's claim, I know which one I am going with each time :D

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Internet Wizard. I like that.


Here's one for you and KG22122 and anyone else who chooses to read this.


MOST hunters and targets shooters would be far, far better served by spending their money on a wingshooting clinic, individual wingshooting classes, getting their gun to fit properly, and practicing on skeet, trap, and sporting clays targets than by spending their money on gimmicks like cryogenically treated barrels, titanium choke tubes, and ported barrels.


Gimmicks won't get you that bird that you wouldn't have gotten without them.


Good gun fit and good marksmanship skills WILL get you a lot of birds that you wouldn't have without them.


Practice and instruction WILL make you a better shooter.


A cryogenically treated barrel will NOT make you a better shooter.


Save the money that you would have spent on the gimmicks, and instead spend it on practice, or a good gun fitting session and lessons. It'll pay off more.


And that is a fact, not the musings of an Internet Wizard.


Though I do like the name. Maybe I'll change my login name to "The Grand and Glorious Imperious Internet Wizard."




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