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Scope of choice?


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I have been using red dots for years on my turkey gun, much better then open sights. I now have a m2 and have just installed the Speed bead from Burris, this thing is awesome! It is the best of both worlds, a red dot that mounts between the stock and reciever, no drilling or tapping or saddle mount, no bulky sight on top of your reciever. The best part is that is alignment is right with your front sight bead, you can really get on target fast and its lightweight and not in the way when carrying you gun. Check it out on Burris websight. I got mine from Midway USA, $249.00.

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I have a Leupold 1X4 Shotgun scope mounted to my gun since 1992 without a single issue. I love that extra heavy reticle that comes with that model, it really stands out in the woods!! My gun always shot high left no matter what loads I ran through it. So by scoping it, I can dial in the crosshairs right to the very center of the pattern, hence making it a real killing machine. I prefer a scope since it actually "gather's light" which is benefical in early morning conditions. I mostly keep mine on the 2.5X setting because if I place it on 1X, the end of the barrel is in the field of view, which is very distracting to me. Now that I have been using a scoped turkey gun all this time, I don't know if I'll ever go back to plain sights again.

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jbur, two weeks and two birds with the Speed Bead, its rock solid and holds its zero, no problems so far! I don't take real good care of my turkey gun, it has never seen a case, it rides between the console and the passenger seat of my pickup or rhino every day of turkey season and deer season, however I have only had the Speed Bead on for 2 weeks so time will tell if its going to hold up. I will post a notice if it does'nt hold up, likewise if it pans out I will post.

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