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sbe shims


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Was just wondering what shims most guys are using in there sbe's. I bought a used h&k sbe a while back but find that the gun seems to shoot low compared to the o/u's I normally use. The gun came with the D shim installed and I have ordered the others. Whats the set up thats working for most of you guys. Thanks


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Can someone explain why shims would modify where your gun shoots. From what I know, shims are used to "fit" the gun to you so that when you aim the gun, the two beads are "one covering the other". If they are stacked, then you use one shim, if they are off left or right of each other, then you use other shims.


From my understanding, if you put the beads such that one covers the other, it doesn't matter what shim you have in, the gun's aim point stays the same.


So when someone states that their gun shoots high or low, are they talking about how the gun fits them, or somehow does the shims modify where the gun shoots when the beads are on top of one another?





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If the gun does not fit you and the gun shoots different from where you look (aim) the shims allow the barrel to be moved to where you are looking (aiming) in other words you want the gun to fit you and shoot where you are aiming. The shims allow a shooter to bring the two together.

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